Obama’s Tech Guru(s)

ValleyWag has a post up trying to determine which individual connected to the Obama campaign’s new media team deserves credit for it all as top “web guru.” I can’t imagine a less relevant question. As the post shows, there were many people taking part in many key aspects of the new media operation. It was the most successful online effort by almost any measurable standard in Democratic Party history. Why in the world does it have to be tied to one person? Why does it make sense to pit, for example, three different influential members of the Blue State Digital team who were critical to Obama’s new media success against each other?

The team the Obama campaign assembled was top notch. They did top notch work and organized in ways most people had never seen, let alone thought of, before. Stop trying to figure out which one person was the most important, it’s a trivial and stupid question that diminishes the work of the entire Obama new media team.

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