Parting Shots

You know what, if the Bush team is unhappy that President Obama repudiated the last eight years’ failed policies and disastrous results (while not mentioning Bush by name), they can just deal with it. Bush, Cheney and a host of top administration officials may be spending the remainders of their life carefully choosing which countries they take connecting flights to, but by all appearances there will be no such legal accountability here in the U.S. That Bush staffers have the temerity to even suggest a speech calling for change from the past was inappropriate or partisan is astonishing.

The Bush administration, including Bush and Cheney, have unquestionably broke US law during the course of their tenure in office. In a society truly governed by the rule of law, these men and women would now be facing prosecution for their crimes. Yet comity has already won out over accountability, under the false veil of moving forward. Ignoring the past may be the mode of the day in Washington, but that doesn’t mean that President Obama’s mere mention of areas where he will break with Bush is somehow uncouth or impolite. It’s the weakest of pats on the wrist and the Bush team can’t even take that without whining to the press like a bunch of spoiled children. What a joke.

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