The Brand Problem

Republican online guru David All tweets:

 I’m taking bets on how quickly O switches away from the “Change” theme once he’s inaugurated. That day, the message becomes ours. Game on.

First, Obama isn’t going to switch away from the “Change” theme any time soon. I won’t be surprised if change remains his theme for the 2012 reelection — and it will be true as long as he’s continuing to reform, renew, and restructure government so that it works better for the American people.

The bigger thing is this: Obama didn’t win because of a brand. He won because he ran on better ideas and the change he talked about was a change from failed Republican ideas (perfectly enacted by 8 years of Bush and an entirely compliant Congress) to new Democratic ideas. The challenge facing Republicans is not one of branding, but I have no problem if their top strategists like All think it is.

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