Ready for This?

Josh Schrei is:

I want the Republican Party to look itself in the mirror and ask itself: ‘Really?’ Did we really just go there? Did we really just bank everything on ‘Joe Six Pack’ and ‘Divide and Conquer’ and the values of the Old South?

I want every racist in this country to look at the TV tonight and swallow the cold, hard, fact that the world has moved on without them.

I want the schoolkids in Tallahassee Florida — all grown up now — who threw eggs at my mother for having a black friend to see just how on the wrong side of history they were.

I want the woman who thinks that the world was created 4,000 years ago and that certain books should be burned as far away from the Whitehouse as humanly possible. And Wasilla is just about far enough for me.

I want every American who has ever been cynical — as I have — to realize, only if for a moment, what a truly amazing place this is. That the son of a working class white woman from Kansas and a Kenyan immigrant can beat ALL of the odds and become President of the United States.

I want the governments of the world — especially the ones who don’t even let their citizens vote — to take note.

This is going to be so f’ing huge, it’s hard to grasp.

Go vote for Obama.

* * *

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