The Miracle of Modern Punditry

Atrios writes:

It’s important to get ready for what’s to come. In 2000, once the dust settled from the election, it was quite frightening to watch the press assume their roles as official courtiers and sycophants. After all of those years of contempt and disdain for Clinton, they welcomed the Bush administration with a gushing love which was truly surreal. Bush didn’t get a 100 day honeymoon, he got one which lasted until 9/11… and then got a bit extended.

It won’t be like that with Obama. The failed Obama presidency begins the day after the election. Just wait for it.

Actually, David Brooks already announced the beginning of the anti-Obama, anti-Democratic backlash as a result of a failed Obama presidency last week. We didn’t even have to wait for Obama to be elected for his presidency to be declared a failure! Hooray for the miracles of modern punditry!

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