I Never Told You What I Do For A Living

Nancy Scola of techPresident writes about the SEIU New Media team that I’m a proud member of.

Labor Online: The SEIU HQ down in DC has been busy putting together something of a web all-star team. First the Dodd campaign’s Tim Tagaris donned the purple, and now Matt Browner-Hamlin (Dodd campaign, the Senate run of Ted Stevens’ opponent in Alaska), Michael Whitney (American Rights at Work, Generation Dean), and Joaquin Guerra (Bill Richardson’s campaign) joined up. Having such a strong web shop seems to be paying dividends, at least in the blogosphere. The team has just a new campaign called “Bush and McCain: Where’s The Difference?” and put more than a hundred thousand dollars behind it in ad buys through both BlogAds and Common Sense Media. You’ll find the ads popping up on blogs today; for example, I just spotted it as an in-line ad over on MyDD.

Left off from their list of new rock-star like additions to the SEIU New Media team is Michael Link, formerly of the DNC, and Erik Moe, who worked with Tagaris and I on the Dodd campaign. Stay tuned for more good things from our team.

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