“Health of the Mother”

I don’t have a lot to say about the final presidential debate, other than I’m glad we don’t have to sit through any more. Obama was great in all of his debates and while not every answer was what I wanted to hear as a progressive movementarian, he undoubtedly connected to voters by a far greater margin than did McCain.

What really stood out for me last night was the discussion of abortion. Both men and women were through the roof while Obama was speaking about abortion in CNN’s Ohio debate dial poll. It was remarkable. They ate it up. Then McCain rewound the tape 8-16 years and tried to culture war up some votes:

“Health of the mother” in air quotes? I hope that no woman in America will be able to look at John McCain today with anything other than the same disdain that he shows for you.

McCain was a disaster. His ideas are wrong. His policies are unpopular. He is a brash, angry, codger with an entitlement problem. And he’s about to suffer the biggest loss in Republican Party presidential history in nearly 50 years.

One thought on ““Health of the Mother”

  1. Indeed, I can’t. I’d been hemorrhaging respect for him over the course of this campaign anyway (but what does he care?), but that remark would have clinched it. If he and Palin were elected I would start deciding which country I wanted to immigrate to immediately.


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