Paris Mayor Cancels Olympic Torch Ceremony

The Beijing Olympics are simply too offensive to the sensibilities of free people around the world. The torch cannot withstand the massive protests surrounding its presence in Paris.

The mayor of Paris cancelled a ceremony due to mark the torch relay after activists hung a Tibetan flag from the city hall.

According to the BBC the ceremony was canceled after the torch had been extinguished three separate times by relay officials to avoid protesters. ESPN had broadcast a report saying the torch had actually been extinguished five separate times.

What has happened the last three days in Europe is a testament to the power people have when they exercise their right to speak freely and to assemble freely. These rights are absent in Tibet. The huge protests and the failures to keep the torch lit, despite thousands of police and a large detail of Chinese security forces running alongside the torch at all times is a mark of shame and disgrace on China and the Beijing Olympics – which is the exact opposite result China thought they would secure by hosting the Games.

I hope San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom is watching the events in London and Paris. Now is the perfect time for him to cancel the torch run through San Francisco. It is tainted with blood and it does not belong on American soil.


torch van

The Olympic torch is inside that van in Paris. I can’t tell if it is lit or not. Note that the final line of protection for the flame inside the van is the team of blue uniformed Chinese security forces. Can you smell the spirit of peace and freedom emanating from the Olympic torch? Me neither.

2 thoughts on “Paris Mayor Cancels Olympic Torch Ceremony

  1. I’d assume a combination of UK state department, London police, UK olympic committee, and some others.

    By my count, there are upwards of 50 police outside of the van and probably another 20 Chinese People’s Armed Police inside.


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