More on SF Banner Hang

Statement and video from Tibet Will Be Free:

San Francisco – Seven Tibet independence activists were detained this afternoon after three of them scaled the Golden Gate Bridge and unfurled a large protest banner reading “One World, One Dream, Free Tibet 08.” The three climbers remained on the bridge for about 2 hours before coming down voluntarily. Upon their descent they were met and arrested by officers of the California Highway Patrol. The daring action comes two days before China’s torch relay is expected to be greeted by thousands of Tibet protesters from across North America when it arrives in San Francisco.

“In two days, the Chinese government is bringing the Olympic torch to San Francisco, while inside Tibet it continues its brutal and violent crackdown on Tibetans crying out for freedom,” said Tashi Sharzur, spokesperson for Students for a Free Tibet and one of the activists detained in today’s action. “The International Olympic Committee must immediately withdraw Tibet from the Torch Relay route. Carrying the Olympic torch through Tibet would exacerbate the crisis and cause yet more suffering for the Tibetan people.”

“San Francisco has a long, proud history of standing up for human rights and freedom, and we will not allow China’s government to make a mockery of everything this city stands for,” said Laurel Sutherlin, one of the
climbers and a spokesperson for Students for a Free Tibet. “Gavin Newsom has privately agreed to express his concern with the IOC over China’s  torch going through Tibet. Mayor Newsom must now publicly follow up on
this promise and call for Tibet to be removed from the torch route.”

I love this pic too:

big banner

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