WTF Harry

Today’s Hartford Courant:

“I can tell you Sen. Reid had talked to me a few times and said he knows there will be talk if we get more than 51 Democrats next year,” Lieberman said. “As far as he is concerned, I will retain my seniority, etc., no matter how many Democrats there are next year.”

Reid’s spokesman, Jim Manley, confirmed Lieberman’s account.

Reid thinks Lieberman should be relevant even when he should be irrelevant. This is either lunacy or disloyalty on Reid’s part. The best way to ensure that Joe Lieberman does not remain a cancerous part of the Democratic caucus in the Senate next year would be for Senate Democrats to pick a Majority Leader that cared about the Democratic Party. Harry Reid is clearly not that person. I would hope his Democratic colleagues consider his willingness to support the lone Republican in the Democratic caucus when there is no organizational need to afford him seniority when they are deciding how to cast their vote for Majority Leader.

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