No, Not Really

Marc Ambinder asks:

Can you imagine, or envision, a Democratic/Netroots’ based Senate challenge to Clinton in four years?

No, not really. For there to be a primary challenge of Hillary Clinton, there would have to be a Democrat willing to run against her. Hillary Clinton probably has the highest name ID of any Democrat in America not named Bill Clinton. She has near-complete institutional support in the New York State Democratic Party. I think we can safely rule out all current members of the NY House delegation. I’d also guess that any netroots back House challengers this cycle (people like Jon Powers or Eric Massa) would, if they win, not likely challenge her.

Who does that leave? People not holding federal office and vain and/or rich people. I can’t comfortably speak about the vain/rich people (though I doubt the netroots would support Tasini, The Remix), but here are the non-federal office holders that come to mind:

  • Eliot Spitzer: Ha, right.
  • David Patterson: I doubt a Governor would take out a Senator from his own party.
  • Tom Suozzi: I think his future is probably brighter in Albany than in Wshington.
  • Andrew Cuomo: He served in the Clinton administration and I don’t think he’d show that kind of disloyalty.

Not sure who else would be on this list, but perhaps some NY bloggers will weigh in.

The reality is that while some Democrats don’t want Clinton to be President, most New Yorkers (not just Democrats) think she’s a very good Senator. While I don’t always agree with her tactics and I wish she would take a more vocal role in fighting for change within the Senate, I think she generally votes well. She would have to do something along the lines of voting for war with Iran or voting for telecom immunity for me to even consider supporting a primary challenge to her in 2012 – and I don’t see her being so politically blind to do either.

3 thoughts on “No, Not Really

  1. My brother-in-law – FDNY living on Staten Island – was never fond of the Clintons while they were in the White House, but has appreciated Ms. Clinton’s work in the senate and supports her in that role.

    If she’s able to win over someone like him, I can’t imagine any viable candidate against her in a primary.


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