Plaintiff Speaks on Immunity

Hugh D’Andrade of EFF’s Deeplinks Blog pulls a great quote from Tash Hepting, a plaintiff in a case against AT&T that would be quashed if retroactive immunity becomes law.

In an interview on NPR this morning, he objected to the President’s portrayal of the suits as being led by “trial lawyers” out to hop on some sort of “financial gravy train”.

Frankly I was more than a little insulted by that. I have a very principled stand on this, and a very strong belief about it. It’s not about the money, it’s about wrong and right, it’s about obeying the rule of law and it’s about repercussions when you break the law.

At some point, you would think the President and his anti-Constitution cohort would recognize that people like Hepting care about the outcome of these cases against the big telecoms because we want to see the rule of law upheld in America. This is not a radical notion.

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