Today’s Pie Fight

The delegate tallying in Texas from Tuesday isn’t even finished and already the Clinton and Obama campaigns have resumed nasty campaigning on a line that will guarantee even more nasty campaigning in coming days and weeks.

I’m with John Aravosis – Clinton was right in 2000 when she criticized Rick Lazio for not releasing his tax returns.
She should release hers now and her campaign should not falsely compare Obama to Ken Starr.

I was pretty ready for this campaign to be over, so the petty attacks and daily smears could be put behind us and we could focus on defeating John W. McCain and electing a Democrat. I don’t want to fixate on Clinton’s tax returns any more than I want to fixate on her campaigns negative attacks on Obama. But as the election continues, I will inevitably engage in the periodic pie fight because this blog is where I write about what I think and not much else.
Hopefully this pie-fight related post will suffice for today and not contribute to the liberal blogosphere’s descent into irrelevancy.

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