NYC Bombing Linked to Threats Against Democrats

Politico reports that this morning’s bombing in Times Square has been linked to letters sent to 8 Democrats from New York City’s congressional delegation.

Eight House Democrats were mailed a letter and photo of a Times Square recruiting station in Manhattan before it was bombed this morning, according to House insiders.

The letter did not contain any specific threats against the lawmakers or the site, but the U.S. Capitol Police and FBI are now investigating the matter.

It was unclear which lawmakers received the letters or when, but House aides confirmed they were all Democrats.

The implication, it seems, is that the bombing was meant to threaten New York Democrats. Anyone care to speculate on whether the perpetrator turns out to be Al Qaeda or a right wing fanatic? Remember, when it comes to terrorism in the US, Timothy McVeigh and Eric Rudolph don’t count for some reason.

Update: More details coming out, connecting the photos sent to the NYC delegation with opposition to the Iraq. war.

3 thoughts on “NYC Bombing Linked to Threats Against Democrats

  1. until they catch and indict someone, it’s unlikely our speculation will be worthwhile

    sometimes people send messages that accurately reflect their ‘politics’ and sometimes they plant false information, like that guy at Princeton who beat himself up and blamed ‘the liberals’


  2. Well I doubt 8 congressman sent themselves letters and then planted a bomb, but your point is well taken. We’ll see what the story is on this in due course, but it is worthwhile remembering that the public consciousness on terrorism ignores the prominent cases of right wing terrorism.


  3. You can expect the Taliban wing of the Republican to be the biggest threat to Americas security after they lose the election.

    Maybe the Dems are onto something.

    We may need torture and Warrant less wiretaps.

    How ironic would that be.


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