More Debates

It occurs to me that now that the Democratic nomination process is likely to continue in earnest for at least another seven weeks, Clinton and Obama will probably be compelled to debate each other at least once or twice more. I can’t say that prospect excites me.

4 thoughts on “More Debates

  1. If I recall, some Philly area dem (maybe Rep Brady, county chair) was trying to setup a debate at the Constitution Center here.


  2. You know, I wouldn’t mind if the remainder of the debates were focused solely on single issues. An hour on Iraq. An hour on infrastructure. An hour on health care. An hour on ethics and reform. Etc.

    The problem is, I don’t know that these two would have substantive areas of disagreement. That wouldn’t have been the case pre-Iowa, when we had a relatively ideologically diverse field with a wide range of experience. Now, not so much.


  3. I would add another issue, where they might not have substantive disagreement, but where there has been little, if any, discussion in previous debates: Climate change.


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