Bjork Calls for Tibetan Independence at Concert in China

Lhadon at Beijing Wide Open reports:

Bjork took a stand for Tibetan independence at a concert in Shanghai on Sunday. Following what the BBC described as a “powerful performance” of her song, Declare Independence, Bjork yelled “Tibet, Tibet” and “Raise your flag” repeatedly from the stage. She did the same thing but for Kosovo at a concert in Tokyo last week and was promptly dropped from the lineup of a summer festival in Serbia.

Not surprisingly, may Chinese are not happy with Bjork for taking this stand and some had very harsh words for her. The Associated Press is reporting one concert-goer as saying that after her remarks the atmosphere in the venue was “very strange, uncomfortable compared to the rest of the concert.”

Here’s a video of the concert:

The Tibetan flag is banned in Tibet. Possessing it or displaying it is punishable with years in jail. No question about it, Bjork was calling for Tibetan independence and political resistance to China’s military occupation of Tibet.

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