Wake Up Congress!

Kagro X writes to Democrats in Congress. Here’s part:

“We’ve got to be fair to the companies,” they say.


Why not let the judges — whose actual job it is to be fair to everyone who comes into their courtrooms — worry about being fair to the telecom companies?

Why not let federal judges — who don’t and can’t take $5,000 campaign checks from the telecom companies — worry about being fair?

Can any of you explain to us why it’s “fair” to let the telecom companies lobby you, fly you on their corporate jets, and give you thousands upon thousands of dollars for your campaigns, and then take the decision on “fairness” away from the impartial judges and give it to you?

“National security sources and methods” might be exposed? Seriously?

Folks, everyone in the world currently thinks that the United States Government is listening to every phone call, vacuuming up every e-mail, and monitoring every web site on the planet.

You say they’re not.

Exactly what “sources and methods” are you afraid terrorists will discover, if they already think everything is monitored?

If that doesn’t sway you, would you at least consider the political and strategic value of trying to win one damn thing during this Congress, before asking America to trust you again in November?



Regular Democrats

P.S. – I hope Congress knows that the NSA has a copy of this blog post. And Kagro’s. Because the whole world knows this, thanks to Mark Klein.

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