Stating the Obvious

Harry Reid, speaking on his incompetence as Majority Leader, following FISA votes yesterday:

There was a measure of frustration in the voice of Harry Reid, the Senate majority leader, as he told reporters during a break in the daylong debate, “Holding all the Democrats together on this, we’ve learned a long time ago, is not something that’s doable.”

While I appreciate the value in someone knowing that they are incapable of doing their job, when the Constitution is at stake, isn’t that a good time to step aside and let someone more willing to get the job done handle things?

The larger strategic question is if Harry Reid wants to pass a bill that includes congressional oversight and does not contain retroactive immunity, and he knows he has a good chunk of his caucus that doesn’t share those goals, why in the world would he chart a legislative course that requires caucus unity to win? That is, why did he set process in terms that require he unify Dems and march uphill to stop the SSCI bill? Why not, instead, use his powers as Majority Leader in favor of his policy agenda and force the anti-Constitution senators to work uphill themselves?

Simply by setting the Senate Judiciary Committee’s bill as the underlying bill would have given Reid better chances of seeing legislation he favors passing. But he didn’t do that. And he couldn’t hold the caucus together.

It’s time for Harry Reid to step down as Majority Leader.

Oh and it’s worth noting that the other members of the Dem Leadership – Dick Durbin and Chuck Schumer – were absolutely silent in this fight. Neither, in my view, demonstrated any qualities that suggest they would be an improvement on Reid.

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