Blue Dogs & Telecom Money

The Blue Dog Democrats in the House are threatening to vote with Republicans if they don’t get legislation that grants the big telecom companies retroactive immunity. These twenty-one Dems have the power to derail the good, immunity-free House RESTORE Act.
We were wondering what sort of money these Dems have received from the telecom industry. I went through to identify the donors, though when there are multiple contributions from PACs, I’m just attributing it to the industry. I’m also not counting contributions from QWest, as they’re the one telecom that we know refused Bush administration requests to provide records or wiretaps without court order.

In total, the telecom industry as sent $134,502 to these twenty-one congressmen in the 2008 cycle alone. And keep in mind – it’s early in the cycle and these numbers are likely to grow and the congressmen who’ve been in the House more than one term have received even more money than this.

The question is – will these Democrats take their telecom money and work with Republicans to give the big telecoms retroactive immunity? Or will they stand up for the rule of law and vote with their Democratic colleagues for legislation that doesn’t include immunity?

Please take action and call the Blue Dogs today and ask them to oppose retroactive immunity.

Cross posted at the CREDO Blog.

5 thoughts on “Blue Dogs & Telecom Money

  1. Greetings I find your article very intriguing. I’m working with Dr. William Foster on some blogs in the Telecom industry with the Huawei Company and these numbers interest me greatly. Where did you get your source material, and have you heard anything about a Congressman Thaddus McCotter?


  2. Hey Matt…

    Thanks for pulling all of this info together. I suspect it will be of great value as we examine the House votes on FISA.

    FYI – Mike Malloy gave this piece a plug on his show last night. That’s how I discovered your blog 🙂

    -The one and only CTPatriot 🙂


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