A Progressive Win

Above: Epic Fail 

Last night progressive challenger Donna Edwards defeated corrupt Dem Al Wynn in Maryland’s 4th Congressional district. This is a huge win for the netroots and a great sign of the willingness of new voters who are coming to take part in the presidential primary to embrace progressive candidates.

The good news is that it looks like Al Wynn has more class and principle than Joe Lieberman:

“The deed is done,” Wynn told reporters at a Lanham union hall where his supporters had gathered after the polls closed. “I think the only thing that remains is to support the winner.”

Markos makes a great point about the value of this victory for the netroots.

…we don’t have the money to buy off our politicians, and the bad Democrats know we’re not about to start voting for Republicans. So the only way we can hold our caucus accountable is to send notice that we will primary them. And sure, they may survive such primaries. But sometimes they won’t.

We’ll be working this fall for “more” Democrats, but today we struck a blow on behalf of better Democrats.

Congrats to the folks at Open Left, FireDogLake, Daily Kos and elsewhere who have long championed Edwards’ campaign.

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