Order of Senate Amendment Votes Today

Last night Senator Reid listed the order in which FISA amendments will receive votes today. Voting starts around 10 AM Eastern. I’m pulling links for each amendment from Cboldt’s great post on the UC agreement. Three of the eight remaining amendments require 60 votes to pass, the others require a majority to pass.

  1. Whitehouse amendment #3920 (compliance reviews) (60 votes required)
  2. Feinstein amendment #3910 (exclusive means) (60 votes required)
  3. Feingold/Webb amendment #3979 (sequestration)
  4. Dodd/Feingold amendment #3907 (strike immunity)
  5. Feingold amendment #3912 (certifications)
  6. Bond amendment #3938, as modified (WMDs)
  7. Specter/Whitehouse amendment #3927 (substitution)
  8. Feinstein amendment #3919 (FISA Court) (60 votes required).

5 thoughts on “Order of Senate Amendment Votes Today

  1. Matt,

    Thanks for this list. It would be helpful if you also could point out which of these amendments are likely to generate a veto, as outlined in the letter from Mukasey and McConnell a few days ago.


  2. Jim, I’m not sure exactly which would prompt a veto. Dodd/Feingold definitely would. It’s possible the Feinstein exclusivity would, as well as the other Title II amendments (Feinstein’s “good faith” FISC amend., and Specter/Whitehouse).

    The reality, though, is that none of the Democratic amendments are likely to pass.


  3. Matt,

    Here’s Marcy’s list from the letter:

    Amendments that would merit a veto:

    [no number] no communication collected if the govt knows beforehand that it is to or from a person believed to be in the US
    3913: Significant Purpose test
    3912: Specific Individual Target test
    3915: Limits disseminating foreign intelligence information
    3907: Straight immunity
    3927: Substitution of govt for defendants
    3919: FISC review on immunity
    Amendments it doesn’t like but that wouldn’t merit a veto:

    3930: 4-year sunset
    3920: Court review of compliance with minimization
    Amendments it very much likes (surprise! They’re both Bond amendments)

    3941: Expedited FISA review
    3938: Add language on WMD

    Link: http://emptywheel.firedoglake.com/2008/02/05/white-house-writes-pre-emptive-signing-statement-on-exclusivity/


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