It’s Over. People Are Pissed.

With the colossal collapse of the Senate Democratic caucus today over FISA and retroactive immunity, people are seriously pissed off at the caucus.

Glenn Greenwald notes ironically the frequency with which Senate Dems hand the Bush administration victories:

To conserve resources, newspapers should just create a macro of that phrase — “the Senate handed the White House a major victory today” — and then just program it to be automatically inserted into every article reporting on anything done by the Senate. That system would be foolproof.

Thomas Paine at Lead or Get Out of the Way writes about the system-crippling failure:

I’m too enraged to write anything thought provoking or witty. The leadership of the Democratic party is a bunch of spineless, cowardly, weak, feckless, cowardly asshats, who all need to be primaried until they die. When they retire from the Senate, we need to primary their retirements. When they die and go to Purgatory (they are too milquetoast, feckless, traitorous and weak to justify their special place in hell, and they sure as shit aren’t getting into heaven), I want to primary them there too. Make their lives miserable for all eternity. Seriously, this is beyond pathetic.

How many people failed? The little field where I select who is in the way on my blog form ran out of room before I could add everyone. That’s how spectacularly our leadership has failed.

Paine’s co-blogger Joshua Wyeth targets his ire more specifically towards Harry Reid and his press release announcing he’d vote against the SSCI bill:

[Reid] probably think that is a statement of leadership, that he is calling his caucus to stand with him. Via press release. This is some profoundly weak tea. To borrow the word’s of Jesse Lacey, I’ve seen more spine on jelly fish and I’ve seen more guts in eleven year old kids.

To which I offer:

Kevin at Life has taught us writes:

Not only has the Senate legalized Ol’ GW’s “end run” around the Constitution, but, the telecommunications lobby has shown that our government works for the highest bidder. It doesn’t matter to which party you belong in Washington, D.C. It is the “Party of the Dollar” that will always come out victorious.

As Senator Dodd said earlier today, the telecom lobbying is “having an impact.” I don’t think telecom contributions are a sufficient reason for Democratic cowardice, but they certainly make it easier for some of our weak-kneed Senators to remain wobbly.

Oh and one more thing. Today’s FISA disaster was an awful birthday present for D-Day.

Truly this is the perfect crime: the President decides to break the law, he employs industry to help him do so, then when he’s called on it, he enacts the state secrets privilege to evade oversight from the Congress and the courts, and then demands immunity to let industry evade responsibility because they can’t defend themselves, restricting any peek into the scope of the lawbreaking.

Thanks for making me sick on my birthday!

I guess Harry Reid doesn’t know that it’s not collegial to add insult to injury.

One thought on “It’s Over. People Are Pissed.

  1. Pissed is putting it nicely. I can remember when the NYT outed this program over two years ago. It was a no brainer. I seriously thought that this would lead to impeachment. Man, was I wrong. It lead to absolutely nothing except Ol’ GW expanding FISA even further into our Constitutional rights.

    Thanks for your excellent coverage of how the votes played out.


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