Not Working

BAGHDAD – A suicide car bomber targeted U.S.-allied fighters north of Baghdad on Sunday, killing at least eight civilians and wounding 20, Iraqi security officials said.

Police and members of an anti-al-Qaida group opened fire as the attacker sped toward a joint checkpoint. But the bomber managed to detonate his explosives near some stores about 20 yards away.

Via Bob Cesca.

The war isn’t over. The surge isn’t working. There is no political progress. And no amount of 3, 6 or 12 month increments of continued American escalation will assure an end to the war or political progress necessary to allow us to claim “victory” and come home.

McCain wants us there for 100 years. Clinton and Obama are somewhat better – with our presence possibly ending by the time they run for re-election. I’m starting to think the main predictable virtue of a Democrat in the White House when it comes to our military involvement in the Middle East is that while we may remain in Iraq at high levels, we won’t end up in Iran. A McCain administration would guarantee war with Iran, and who knows, maybe Syria and a few others for good measure.

So sad.

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