Democracy Among Democrats

I have to say, I think I agree with Chris Bowers and Donna Brazile. If the Democratic presidential nomination were decided by super delegates in contravention to the will of the majority of participants in primaries and caucuses, I would be hard pressed to find a justification for remaining in the Democratic Party.

One thought on “Democracy Among Democrats

  1. Jeez, Matt, we got a president who wasn’t elected by the majority of voters, and that’s turned out okay, hasn’t it?

    Seriously, super delegates are not the only democratic deficit in the candidate-selection process. What if the result determined by the actual voters would be different if Michigan and Florida’s delegates hadn’t been excluded?

    But it’s unfair simply to count up Obama and Clinton voters, since voters in different states faced different candidate lineups. Do you exclude from consideration a New Hampshire Kucinich voter? Some voters, through no fault of their own, even voted for non-candidates, such as the many Californians who voted Edwards by absentee ballot and on election day went to polling stations and asked for new ballots. There is simply no way to determination, based on the primaries, how all Democratic voters would have voted if they had been offered only two choices.

    And don’t get me started on caucuses.


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