Lieberman’s Not A Super Delegate

There’s been a lot of traffic in the last 24 hours on the fact that Joe Lieberman has been stripped of his status as a super delegate in the Democratic Party. Mark Pazniokas reports:

Lieberman’s endorsement of Republican John McCain disqualifies him as a super-delegate to the Democratic National Convention under what is informally known as the Zell Miller rule, according to Democratic State Chairwoman Nancy DiNardo.

Miller, then a Democratic senator from Georgia, not only endorsed Republican George Bush four years ago, but he delivered a vitriolic attack on Democrat John Kerry at the Republican National Convention.

The Democrats responded with a rule disqualifying any Democrat who crosses the aisle from being a super delegate. Lieberman will not be replaced, DiNardo said.

I’ll be honest – I had thought this was decided a while back, though I can’t find the link to back that up. Maybe it’s just being widely reported now because these strange super delegate creatures are suddenly important. I know there was a lot of talk of this happening on the CT blogs back in December, when Lieberman endorsed McCain for President. State Chair Nancy DiNardo had condemned Lieberman for campaigning in CT with McCain earlier this month.
The real question now for me is if and when Lieberman will make it official and caucus with the Republican Party? If I had to guess, I’d say post November, when the Democratic majority grows and he is no longer relevant to our majority.

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