“Always Wrong and Always Illegal”

Senator Chris Dodd hits back hard against the White House statements that waterboarding is legal and has been used to torture multiple prisoners. Here’s Dodd’s statement, via press release:

“The statement by a White House spokesperson yesterday asserting that waterboarding is legal and President Bush could authorize the CIA to continue using this technique demonstrates a staggering disregard for the rule of law. Let me be clear: there is no such thing as “simulated” drowning. When a person is strapped to a board and water is poured into their mouth and nose with no way to get air, that is drowning; that is torture. The President must repudiate this statement and make clear that all forms of torture—including waterboarding—are always wrong and always illegal.” [emphasis added]

I think the inclusion of the point about waterboarding and drowning is important. The media has bought the GOP talking point that waterboarding only “simulates” drowning and therefore it’s somehow OK. Push back on this by key Democrats like Dodd is the only way we can change that narrative and get people to recognize that the admissions of waterboarding constitute admissions of torture, which, as Dodd says, is “always wrong and always illegal.”

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