I’m with Steve Benen, last night was a draw and anyone who’s spinning hard one way or the other is just  spinning you. Both candidates had places where they had key victories. Both candidates lost in places they really would have been helped to win. Generally speaking, I think Obama closed ground and kept delegates out of Clinton’s hands in places like Massachusetts, New Jersey, and California with his late surge. I don’t think he could have realistically be expected to have won those states based on where the polls were two weeks ago. Obama kept Clinton from winning big in big states; but Clinton still won some of the biggest states yesterday.

So, no, Taylor, Obama should not give up. And no, Joe, the tide has not turned against Clinton.

The race is deadlocked and the primary contests moving forward are incredibly important. I hope we’ll be able to determine a winner based on delegates pledged from the outcomes of our primaries and caucuses, but it’s looking more likely that super delegates will decide the winner.

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