Put Her Out To Pasture

Back to back posts bashing the NY Times Opinion section!

Molly Ivors takes down the latest Maureen Dowd column. Here’s the rub:

My point all along has been that MoDo, in focusing on the most meaningless and shallow terms, makes all the candidates unelectable. And look where she’s focusing her eyes. Don’t let her do it to another Democratic candidate. She needs to be put out to pasture somewhere she can use her gifts. Joan Rivers is getting pretty long in the tooth, maybe E! needs another red carpet catty bitch. That’d be an excellent job for her. But she absolutely must stop fucking up the country from the Op-Ed page of the NY Times.

I agree. I can’t recall the last time Dowd wrote a column on presidential politics that wasn’t trite, petty, demeaning bunk. The overwhelming majority of it is focused on the Clintons and has reach a level that is undoubtedly pathological hatred. I cannot for the life of me understand why the Times continues to allow her to devote so much of her energies towards destroying Hillary Clinton’s candidacy. And Molly I. is right – Obama’s in her sights and if he wins the nomination, we can no doubt expect her preening psychobabble-filled deconstructions to be aimed at him.

Contrary to what Dowd thinks, we have some very electable, talented candidates for President. She doesn’t get to change that fact.

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