Mike Caulfield’s Right

Mike Caulfield, co-founder of Blue Hampshire, included this passage in a comment here on my first post on Bob Cesca and blogger endorsements.

I’m not interested in helping either of these candidates win at this point. I’m interested in helping them be better candidates. That means applying pressure to Obama to stop his fetishization of unity (which I’ve been complaining about since before he was a candidate).

It also means applying pressure to Clinton to apply that dogged (some would say bullying) style to the opposition, and help us fight the battles that matter.

Or to kind of take off on what Eli said — to make sure Clinton is on our side, and to make Obama realize sides matter.

I’m into doing whatever it takes to get that done. The question at this point is not who is the better candidate, but how do we make both of these candidates better. [Emphasis added]

That’s a great way to think about the impact we can have on candidates that we might not be ready to endorse. It may be that one of them actually is a better candidate, but that’s clear, working to make them both better is important. That’s what I’ve tried to do with my writing since I started this site, at least.

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