Anger & Bluster

Lambert at Corrente makes a great case, a la Mike Caulfield, that sides matter in American politics.

Do we really need the kind of politics that tells us to lay back and enjoy it?

The country can’t afford to wait for Obama to discover that his strategy of conciliation has failed. Do the math. Reid and Pelosi tried “reaching out” in 2007. Nothing will happen in 2008. Assuming Obama takes office in 2009, it will take his conciliatory strategy a year to fail, which it will, since he’s doing the same thing Reid and Pelosi did while expecting a different result.

That brings us to 2010.

Can the country really hold out against a runaway Conservative Movement that long? [Emphasis in the original]

Go read the whole piece, it’s a great argument aimed at convincing Obama that we need partisanship.

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