Huge Participation Brings Big Results

This is remarkable: CREDO Action members have sent so many emails to the presidential candidates in such a short period of time that we’ve shut down the Obama campaign’s email servers!

At last count, over 56,325 68,421 emails have been sent through yesterday’s action alert, which called upon presidential candidates and sitting Senators Hillary Clinton, John McCain and Barack Obama to leave the campaign trail and help stop retroactive immunity and bad FISA legislation from becoming law.

Don’t let up now! We’re making the people who want to be President know that we expect them to lead right now.

Keep the pressure on by emailing Senators Clinton, McCain, and Obama now, and telling your family and friends to do the same.

Click here to take action!

Cross posted at the CREDO Blog.

Disclosure: I have joined the CREDO Mobile team to stop the Bush administration’s illegal wiretapping program and hold the telecom companies accountable for their lawbreaking.

2 thoughts on “Huge Participation Brings Big Results

  1. Nice new site Matt. Cliff linked you. I got an email from Jane asking John to advocate Chris’ FISA immunity fight.

    I’d love to hear what someone like John Edwards can do to help Senator Dodd.


  2. Edwards can stand up and fight against retroactive immunity. Maybe even exercise his former-member prerogative and try to speak on the floor on this. Not sure exactly how that works, though.


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