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Entries from December 2011

Moral Hazard

December 22nd, 2011 · Comments Off

Matt Taibbi: Most of us 99-percenters couldn’t even let our dogs leave a dump on the sidewalk without feeling ashamed before our neighbors. It’s called having a conscience: even though there are plenty of things most of us could get away with doing, we just don’t do them, because, well, we live here. Most of […]

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Stoller on Obama, Wall Street, and Fraud

December 16th, 2011 · Comments Off

Matt Stoller has another great piece in Politico on the criminal behavior of the mortgage industry and the failures of the Obama administration to prosecute these crimes. President Barack Obama has argued, as recently as last Sunday on “60 Minutes,” that what happened on Wall Street wasn’t criminal. “Some of the most damaging behavior on […]

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Sen. Cantwell demands DOJ investigate foreclosure fraud before a settlement

December 15th, 2011 · Comments Off

Senator Maria Cantwell (D-WA) issued a blistering letter calling on the Department of Justice to investigate big banks for fraudulent foreclosure practices before agreeing to any settlement deal which would grant them immunity for these practices. In her letter to Attorney General Eric Holder, Cantwell writes: I am concerned that recently reported settlement proposals will […]

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The decline of the Iowa caucus

December 12th, 2011 · Comments Off

Originally posted at AMERICAblog Elections: The Right’s Field Ari Melber has a very thoughtful piece at The Atlantic on the chances that the 2012 Republican presidential election could signal the end of the Iowa caucus as a major component of the primary process. Traditionally campaigns skipped Iowa at their own peril. But this cycle both […]

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Light Posting

December 8th, 2011 · Comments Off

Obviously it’s been light posting of late. If you’re wondering what I’m up to, check out OccupyOurHomes.org.

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Two Lesbians Raised A Baby And This Is What They Got

December 1st, 2011 · Comments Off

Incredibly moving story of a young man whose parents are lesbians.

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